About Jeanette:

*Empowering Puppies *Empowering Breeders* Empowering Owners*

Jeanette grew up in a small town Montana, graduated college, and moved to Las Vegas where she taught middle school.  At the time, she had a dog Getzy who was intelligent and filled with spirit.  He inspired her to complete the Pet Partner Training which allowed him to be an official Therapy Dog to help those in need.

During this time, Getzy accompanied Jeanette into the classroom and helped her pilot a facility dog program in her 8th grade class. It was then she saw the importance of working dogs! She realized the need to breed and provide puppies developed with the best care, socialization, health and love. 

Jeanette is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and IACP Member. She is the author of "The Ultimate Badass Breeder's Guide" and Founder of the B.A.B (Badass Breeder) Puppy Evaluation and B.A.B. Advanced Service Dog Curriculum, both of which are nationally recognized!  Jeanette focuses on empowering puppies to believe in their own abilities while also honoring them in their placement based on their temperament test. Giving puppies a voice in their placement is changing the breeding industry for breeders, dogs and owners.

Jeanette has also developed the first ever software for breeders to use in their program for puppy curriculum, data, tracking lines, a puppy evaluation algorithm, reminders, customizable exposure, food and medication options as well as beautiful reports showcasing their entire program just to name a few. She teaches and mentors breeders all over the world (in person, online, and through seminars).  By uniting breeders on common standards and educating the public on how to buy, she is becoming a driving force to shut down puppy mills and ill intentioned back yard breeders. Our dogs deserve more and we all truly want the same thing for our dogs. 

Jeanette lives in a little town outside Las Vegas, NV with her husband and kids.  Together they run 4E Kennels with honesty and integrity.  Jeanette believes in the power of a dog and the ability they have to change lives.  She does this by giving puppies a voice by honoring,  respecting and empowering them. 

Welcome to the New Standard!